Keighley R.U.F.C Graphic Design

A number of outdoor banners designed for promotional events held at the Keighley R.U.F.C Rugby teams grounds.

The Client

A player and representitive from Keighley R.U.F.C. approached me to design a roller banner for the team. The banner would be used as marketing material for promotional events at the rugby teams home ground as well as other events. The initial concepts were to incorporate a grunge look and feel to the design, hinting towards the sport of Rugby. I opted for a brushed grunge look with the players huddling as the backdrop, as well as the clubs 5 main principles that a player strives towards.

Recurring Work

After accepting and taking on the roller banner design, the clients then discussed another banner design that was needed. The banner in this case was 6ft x 9ft, and would be placed on the outside walls of the clubs grounds. The main goal for this banner was to attract the attention of pedestrians passing by, resulting in additional members of both the youth team as well as the adult team at the club.

"Fantastic design work. It has helped give the clubs new marketing an identity. We look forward to further developing the branding with Mr Khan.

- Sam Griffin (Chairman)

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