Sett UK Work Placement

Work experience that consisted of a poster campaign design as well as designing and developing email marketing templates.

The Firm

During my second year of university studies, I searched for a work placement that would give me my first insight into the IT Industry. The work placement I had was at a local IT firm called Sett UK, based in Bradford city centre. The duration of my work placement was 1 week, however that 1 week enabled me to work with an in-house designer and present my work to senior management.

Poster Design Campaign

The poster campaign designs were for an organisation called PatronBase (already completed by the in-house designer), my task was to come up with original designs under the supervision of the in-house designer. The designs began with research into the marketing company and their target audience, which then moved on to researching graphic design principles and techniques.

Email Marketing Templates

The email marketing templates was a project that was given to me after completing the poster designs. Having no prior knowledge or experience designing or developing email marketing templates, research was initially carried out. Foundation CSS was used to design and develop the templates using HTML5 and CSS3. The results of the templates made are shown below:

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